Hire Benekal – India’s Megalithic Metropolis

1975...a small village of Lanjia Saoras in highlands of South Odisha! Ononti, a young woman Shaman starts to sing in parallel couplet in archaic Saora language, repeating each line but changing one word at a time to enrich the meaning!! Argalgalsi yuyunji                      bolongsi goden Argalgalsi yuyunji                      banardub goden.... She is calling the female shamans who … Continue reading Hire Benekal – India’s Megalithic Metropolis

Mawphlang Sacred Forest – A Photo Story

Its no secret that India's northeast is treasure-trove of many fascinating places. Ranging from varied natural wonders, age old archeological remains, living cultural sites of various tribes to religious places of mythological importance, India's incredible north-east has it all! While on my trip to Meghalaya, I got an opportunity to visit one such interesting place - the … Continue reading Mawphlang Sacred Forest – A Photo Story

Megaliths of Mallachandram

 “Megaliths were not built for commoners. They signify the emergence of a ruling class or elite who presided over a surplus economy,” Ravi Korisettar, Retired Professor of Archaeology, Karnatak University. The mega mausoleums and charming  Chattris (cenotaphs) did have a predecessor in megalithic sites strewn all over the world. Megalithic culture whose remnants in the form of neatly … Continue reading Megaliths of Mallachandram