To reacquaint and educate people about the vast and diverse heritage of the Indian subcontinent and thus to inspire them to take ownership and to come together to protect this magnificent legacy for future generations.

Virasat – E – Hind Foundation is a pan-India heritage focused social enterprise. It primary seeks to preserve, propagate and promote India’s rich and diverse historical and socio-cultural legacy. It is envisioned as a platform for exploring the multitude of ideas that have shaped the nation’s identity, evolving both from within India and the many external ideas that influenced it through history.

VEHF strives towards generating a deeper understanding of a appreciation for India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage as well as promote its conservation through research based heritage advocacy and education programmes, products and experiences. Ultimately, VEHF endeavours to create an awareness amongst citizens for various concepts, ideas and issues that have evolved through time in Indian history, in order to create a context and also find solutions by studying history and applying modern ideas and technology. VEHF seeks to achieve this through a series of of tools, products and services for the benefit of all.

VEHF provides innovative heritage- focused product and service interventions in education, design and unique experiences to inspire and reacquaint Indians about their heritage.

The Indian subcontinent has a civilisation that dates back more than 5,000 years. Its unique history and ideology have continuously been shaped by contributions from the people and religions that have made this great land their home through time.

Surprisingly, even in today’s 21st century technology-driven world, many of India’s cultural traditions still have a strong connection to its past. Today India is a rapidly emerging nation both in terms of her economy and politics and wielding substantial global influence.

In this time of change, it is important to take stock of our magnificent heritage and learn from it as we move forward. There is an immediate need to create a sense of pride and understanding amongst its citizens, so that they will take ownership to protect this vast cultural heritage, and protect it for the coming generations.

We also need to remember and understand how Indian communities have historically been intertwined and contributed jointly for the development of this nation. This will help Indians rediscover the greatness of this nation and realise that India has always succeeded when it has overlooked petty differences and operated as a united front, thereby progressing rapidly.

The VEHF Team

Jitu Mishra:


Jitu earned his MA in Archaeology from Deccan College, Pune. At VEHF, he is responsible for developing content and overseeing the educational arm. He has a passion for education and been working in the areas of history, culture and heritage studies.

Shailaja Shah:


Shailaja earned her credential from the National Institute of design, Ahmedabad and Parsons School of Design, New York city. A passionate history, culture, art, photography, textile and coffee enthusiast, she serves as the creative director for VEHF and oversees all creative publications endevours and branding pursuits for the organisation.

Zehra Chhapiwala:


Zehra has earned her credentials in Economics and Environment Education. A nature afficionado and a travel enthusiast, she is equally passionate about history, heritage and culture of India, both tangible and intangible. At VEHF, she manages and edits content across various platforms on social media. She strategises the social media endeavours of the team while also being a contributing author.

Our Regular Contributors


Monidipa Dey


A freelance writer and educational consultant by profession, she loves photography, travelling and reading. The subjects that she enjoys most writing on are invariably related to history and heritage, culture, art, and of course travelling. Her travels are focused on feeling the places, exploring the relatively unknown, and enjoying the local culture and stories. Oh yes, and she loves the Himalayas! 

Onkar Tendulkar


Besides being a practicing architect, he is an ardent traveller, heritage lover and a photographer. True to his profession, he loves to explore beautiful vernacular pieces of architecture in various parts of India. He also has a keen interest in anthropology and is always curious to learn about various cultures and traditions and has travelled through the length and breadth of India. He is based in Mumbai but is always hungry to explore new places to travel- northeastern India being his perpetual love.