Charming Chandor : A Capital Long Forgotten

Ancient Chandrapur The very name of Konkan conjures up scenes of lush greenery during the monsoons, seasonal waterfalls, low hills with ancient Buddhist and Hindu caves, and various forts built by the Portuguese and the Marathas. Recent excavations and archaeological findings have added further layers to this area already rich in ancient and medieval heritage….

Buddhist Weavers of Maniabandha – A Confluence of Ideas

One of India’s greatest gifts to the world of ideas is Buddhism, a religion that was propounded by Gautama Buddha in the middle of 1st millennium BCE, on the principles of compassion and detachment. Odisha, lying on the east coast of India had been a major centre of Buddhism right from the time of Buddha….

Vrindavani Vastra – Travel Across Time, Space and Cultures

Aesthetic sensibility, is nothing but a capacity of wonder more elevated than the ordinary one. An opaque heart does not wonder: non obstupescit. Raniero Gnoli, paraphrasing Abhinavgupta Vrindavani Vastra on display at the British Museum will move the opaquest of the hearts to ecstasy. You stand before it eyes wide open, gaping, trying to identify…

Madan Kamdev Temple – Obscure, Mysterious, Forgotten

During my school days in Guwahati, the topic of Madan Kamdev used to regularly come up once in a while. The few lucky ones who had managed to visit it would provide vivid descriptions of various artefacts and kindle the collective imagination of the rest. In a small, provincial town still coming to terms with…

Ranigumpha – Rock-cut Romance

From Mughal-E-Azam to Bajirao Mastani, most of Bollywood’s period movies are romantic sagas replete with tales of unbridled passion and supreme sacrifice. Indian history, especially oral history, is a rich repository of such tales vivid in their description and varied in their situations and contexts. If there is one thread that is common to all…